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Navigating Spring Rains & The Leaks That Come With It

3/25/2024 (Permalink)

ceiling damage from flooding ceiling damage from flooding

Expert Advice on Handling Leaky Roofs and Windows

As spring unfolds in Miami, the warmth brings with it the seasonal rains, a true test for your home's resilience against water damage. The sight of water trickling down your walls or the unexpected puddle beneath a window can be alarming, signifying leaks that, if not addressed promptly, can lead to more significant issues. Understanding the steps to take when you first notice these leaks and the importance of professional intervention can save you from future headaches.

Recognizing and Reacting to Leaks

The initial step when you notice a leak in your roof or windows is to control the spread of water inside your home. Collecting water in containers and using towels to absorb water can prevent damage to your floors and furnishings. However, these are temporary solutions. Identifying the source of the leak can be challenging, as water often travels from the entry point before becoming visible. This detective work is crucial but can be complicated, highlighting the need for a professional.

Why DIY Might Not Cut It

While the internet is flooded with DIY solutions, the complexity of water pathways within your home's structure means that patching up visible symptoms might not address the underlying problem. Without the proper tools and knowledge, temporary fixes could lead to a false sense of security, masking deteriorating situations that could manifest in more severe damage or mold growth.

The Mold Menace

One of the most pressing concerns with water intrusion is the potential for mold growth. Mold thrives in moist environments and can begin to grow within 24 to 48 hours of water exposure. Once established, it can pose health risks and compromise the structural integrity of your home. This risk underscores the importance of addressing leaks with urgency and precision.

The Value of Professional Expertise

This is where the expertise of a professional water damage restoration company becomes invaluable. A trained team can assess the extent of the damage, identify the source of the leak, and recommend the best course of action. More importantly, professionals have the tools and techniques to remediate the issue effectively, ensuring that your home is not only dry but also safe from the risks of mold.

Our team in Miami embodies this professional standard. With years of experience and a roster of certified technicians, we bring an understanding of Miami's unique climate and construction styles to every job. Our approach is not about quick fixes but ensuring the longevity and safety of your home. We're equipped to handle everything from initial detection to the final touches of restoration, backed by industry certifications that attest to our expertise and dedication to quality.

As spring rains descend on Miami, being vigilant about the signs of water damage and acting swiftly can make all the difference. While the urge to solve the problem yourself is understandable, water damage and its repercussions are complex issues that benefit from professional expertise. Entrusting your home to certified professionals ensures that the repair is thorough and lasting, safeguarding your home against future rains and the challenges they bring.

Remember, the goal is not just to fix the leak but to restore your peace of mind. If you're facing leaks from the spring rains, don't wait for the problem to escalate. Let our experienced team provide the comprehensive care your home deserves.

Navigating Water Damage Insurance Claims in South Miami

1/10/2024 (Permalink)

Flood water seeping in from a glass door in a Miami home South Miami Home Suffers Flood Damage

Have the recent rains or an appliance malfunction damaged your home? You're not alone – it's actually the most common reason people file claims on their homeowner's insurance. But, heads up – sometimes, not all the damage costs are covered, and that can be quite the surprise to many of our clients! That's why it’s crucial to really understand what water damage means and how insurance companies usually deal with it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Read on to learn some tips for managing water damage insurance claims. 

Understanding Your Coverage: The First Step in Flood and Water Damage Restoration

Review Your Policy: Understand what your insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t. Policies in South Miami often have specific clauses for water damage, especially considering the area's susceptibility to flooding and hurricanes.

Immediate Steps Post-Damage

Act Quickly: Water damage can worsen over time, so it's crucial to act fast. As soon as you notice water damage, call an IICRC-licenses water damage restoration contractor. Then, start the claim process. Delaying can not only increase the damage but might also affect your claim.

Document Everything: Take photos or videos of the damage as soon as possible. Document the source of the water damage, if identifiable, and the extent of the damage to your property. Keep a log of the dates and times of events as they unfold.

Mitigate Further Damage: Take reasonable steps to prevent further damage, such as turning off the water main if the damage is from a burst pipe. However, do not start major repairs before the insurance adjuster has assessed the situation.

Document Everything

Keep Receipts for Expenses: If you need to make temporary repairs or relocate temporarily, keep all receipts. These costs may be reimbursable under your insurance policy.

File Your Claim Promptly: Insurance companies typically require claims to be filed within a certain time frame. Delaying your claim could result in it being denied.

Prepare for the Adjuster's Visit: When the insurance adjuster visits, have your documentation ready. Show them all the damage and provide copies of your records.

Be Wary of Early Settlement Offers: Insurers might offer a quick settlement, but this may not fully cover your damages. It’s important to ensure that all damages have been identified and assessed before agreeing to a settlement.

 Choose the Right Restoration Service

Get Professional Assessments: Hire an independent professional, like a water damage restoration contractor.

Prevent Future Water Damage: After your claim is resolved, take proactive steps to prevent future water damage. This might include regular maintenance of plumbing, installing water sensors, or considering additional insurance coverage like flood insurance.


Remember, each claim is unique, and the process can vary based on your specific circumstances and insurance policy. Staying informed and prepared can make a significant difference in the outcome of your water damage insurance claim.

Mold Remediation in South Miami: A Comprehensive Guide

12/26/2023 (Permalink)

A view of a room that has had the flooring ripped up and the bottom few feet of a wall removed after a flood revealing mold. A South Miami home infested with mold after a recent flood.

Mold Remediation in South Miami: A Comprehensive Guide

Mold is a common issue faced by homeowners and businesses in South Miami due to the region's high humidity and tropical climate. It not only damages property but can also pose health risks. To shed light on this critical concern, this comprehensive guide will delve into mold remediation in South Miami, providing statistics, insights, and citations to help you understand the scope of the problem and the solutions available.

The Main Causes of Mold in South Miami

Humidity Levels: According to the South Florida Water Management District, South Florida's humidity levels often exceed 70%, creating an ideal environment for mold growth.

Rainfall: South Miami and the surrounding region receives an annual average of 60-70 inches of rainfall, leading to frequent water intrusion and mold issues. 

Mold has several severe health implications. Mold spores can trigger or exacerbate respiratory problems like asthma and allergies, affecting around 1 in 13 people in South Florida. Certain types of mold, such as Stachybotrys chartarum, can produce mycotoxins, leading to more severe health issues. 

The SERVPRO Mold Remediation Process starts with a solid understanding of mold and mold growth and the training and expertise to remediate mold in your home or business.

  • Inspection and Assessment: A thorough inspection and assessment of the affected property is performed to identify the extent of the mold problem. 
  • Containment: To prevent further contamination, containment barriers are established using plastic sheeting and negative air pressure machines. 
  • Mold Removal: Mold is physically removed and treated using specialized techniques and EPA-approved biocides. 
  • Drying and Dehumidification: Proper drying and dehumidification are crucial to preventing mold return. 
  • Testing and Clearance: Post-remediation testing is performed to ensure that mold levels are back to acceptable levels.

There are preventative measures you can take to prevent mold from forming. Ensuring proper ventilation will held reduce indoor humidity levels making them it less susceptible to mold growth. Routine inspections and maintenance can catch moisture issues early, preventing mold infestations.

The Importance of Professional Mold Remediation

Mold remediation companies in South Florida must adhere to state regulations, ensuring safe and effective mold removal. All SERVPRO of South Miami technicians are certified AMRT - Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians. These certifications are crucial when working with professionals because they can help ensure that mold damage is properly documented for insurance claims. 

Mold remediation is a critical issue in South Florida, given its climate and environmental factors. Mold growth can have serious health implications and can damage properties. Understanding the process of mold remediation and the importance of professional assistance is essential for South Miami residents and businesses to ensure safe and effective mold removal.

Deep Fried Danger: 8 Tips for Safely Deep Frying Your Turkey

11/4/2023 (Permalink)

Frying a Thanksgiving Turkey in South Miami 8 Tips for Safely Deep Frying Your Thanksgiving Turkey

As Thanksgiving approaches, families across South Miami are preparing for a day of family, gratitude, and of course, a mouthwatering feast.

One tradition that has grown in popularity over the years is deep-frying a turkey. The crispy, golden-brown skin and juicy meat are hard to resist, but it's important to be aware that this culinary adventure comes with some serious risks, particularly in South Miami's warm and often breezy climate. In this article, we'll delve into the dangers of turkey frying and equip you with invaluable safety tips to ensure a disaster-free Thanksgiving.

Turkey Frying Fiascos:

Each year, Thanksgiving turkey frying incidents lead to devastating fires, injuries, and substantial property damage throughout the country. In South Miami, where the climate tends to be warm and dry, these risks are heightened. Here are some alarming statistics to shed light on the gravity of the situation:

  • According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), deep fryer fires cause an average of five deaths, 60 injuries, and result in over $15 million in property damage annually in the United States alone.
  • The NFPA goes on to state that deep fryer fires account for more than one in every five home cooking fire incidents. The scalding temperature of the frying oil can easily cause severe burns, especially when safety precautions aren't diligently observed.
  • According to the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), cooking-related incidents, including deep frying, are the primary cause of home fires year-round. However, these incidents surge during Thanksgiving, with the average number of residential building fires doubling compared to the rest of the year.

Safety First: 8 Tips for Deep-Frying Your Thanksgiving Turkey:

  • Choose the Right Location: Establish your turkey frying station in a well-ventilated, outdoor area, far from structures, trees, and flammable materials. Never set up your fryer inside a garage or on a wooden deck.
  • Maintain a Safe Distance: Ensure that your turkey fryer is positioned at least 10 feet away from your house or any other buildings. This precaution helps prevent fires from spreading.
  • Thaw Your Turkey: Prior to frying, make certain your turkey is completely thawed and thoroughly dry. Ice and water can react perilously with hot oil, causing splatters and potential fires.
  • Use the Appropriate Amount of Oil: Avoid overfilling the fryer with oil, which can lead to overflow and fires. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the correct amount of oil based on your turkey's size.
  • Monitor the Temperature: Use a reliable thermometer to maintain a steady oil temperature of approximately 350°F (175°C). Overheated oil can ignite.
  • Never Leave It Unattended: Never leave the turkey fryer unattended, and keep children and pets away from the cooking area.
  • Be Prepared with a Fire Extinguisher: Have a fire extinguisher specifically designed for kitchen fires within easy reach, and be familiar with its usage. If a small fire occurs, never attempt to extinguish it with water, as water and hot oil do not mix.
  • Wear Safety Gear: Protect yourself with heat-resistant gloves and eye protection to minimize the risk of burns and splatters.

While deep-frying a turkey can be an irresistible addition to your Thanksgiving festivities, safety should always be your top priority. South Miami's warm climate and outdoor lifestyle necessitate an extra level of vigilance when engaging in this cooking method. By heeding these safety tips and remaining mindful of potential hazards, you can ensure that your Thanksgiving celebration remains fun and free from mishaps. Enjoy your turkey, stay safe, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Who Provides Reliable South Miami Water Damage Restoration?

6/14/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded parking lot with a SERVPRO van in the back SERVPRO is Here to Help with your water damaged home or business.

Certified SERVPRO Crews Provide Prompt South Miami Water Cleanup and Drying Services

The diverse mix of lovely residential neighborhoods and lively commercial districts in South Miami draws and retains home and business owners and visitors. Risks of water incursion from failing plumbing or malfunctioning appliances are present for properties here, just like any community. The possibility of severe seasonal storms or even hurricanes increases the concern and stress home, and building owners feel in the face of water incursions in the region. 

What Are Common Water Damage Challenges in South Miami?

Structural components and contents stand in harm's way when water intrudes because of system and equipment breakdowns or the fierce winds and precipitation of severe storms. SERVPRO crews are familiar with the many manifestations of and strategies to mitigate and remediate the following sources and consequences of water damage in South Miami:

  • Burst pipes
  • Exterior damage and leaking roofs from storms  
  • Ceiling leaks 
  • Flooded carpeting and floors
  • Sewer backup requiring sewage cleanup
  • Water-soaked insulation and contents

Why is SERVPRO a Water Damage Restoration Leader in South Miami?

Responding appropriately to water damage requires rigorous training in psychrometry, which is the science of drying. SERVPRO managers and crew members master water damage assessment and water mitigation and remediation strategies during coursework and hands-on opportunities provided by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). 

The IICRC prepares and certifies Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) in research-based international standards. Our business is also certified by the IICRC and invests in an extensive inventory of cutting-edge equipment to assist our technicians in delivering successful outcomes after water damage to commercial and residential buildings. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, with our fully-stocked trucks ready to roll round the clock, 365 days of the year. 

Does SERVPRO Offer Residential and Commercial Clients Other Unique Water Damage Recovery Emergency Services?

  • Pack-Out Services

When water damage involves furnishings, documents, window and floor treatments, electronics, clothing, inventory, household or business goods, personal possessions, and more, a pack-out of affected contents can make sense. Teams of specialized technicians include those who can sort, inventory, label, and move out wet items using our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS). At our production facility, content experts work with your insurance company to evaluate water damage and innovative document cleaning, drying, deodorization, and other restoration efforts to limit out-of-pocket costs to you.

  • Emergency READY Profile (ERP)

SERVPRO seeks to collaborate with commercial customers on preventative water damage and individualized water damage restoration agendas long before water intrusion. An on-site inspection, your completion of prompts on a mobile app, and transparent discussions result in a digital protocol our responding technicians use when your business suffers water damage. Residential customers can also work with us on an ERP, especially helpful if you spend time away from your South Miami home when you might need disaster restoration. 

Access to SERVPRO of South Miami's local, high-quality water damage disaster recovery professionals offers residential and commercial customers peace of mind. Call (305) 269-8900 24/7 to arrange an assessment and structural plus contents drying plan.

Need Help for a Home or Business After South Miami Fire Damage?

6/14/2022 (Permalink)

Back of a SERVPRO car in front of a fire station Cleaning up after a fire is a complicated process and SERVPRO is Here to Help.

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration for South Miami Properties is a SERVPRO Speciality

As you try to cope during the aftermath of a blaze in your home or commercial building in South Miami, the fire damage and search for possible solutions are a constant concern. The destruction facing you is overwhelming, unlike any crisis you have weathered. Most property owners do not have significant experience in fire and smoke remediation, needing guidance from reputable fire damage restoration professionals. 

Who Can Deliver Water and Fire Damage Restorations in South Miami?

SERVPRO's focus when assessing fire damage scenarios is to design a solution that restores the property and its unique characteristics as much as possible and is practical. If South Miami fire damage affects a property with historical significance in the downtown business area or an established residential neighborhood, demolition and rebuilding are inadequate solutions. Our team uses research-based best practices mastered through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training to reclaim your residence or business property's former glory.

How Does SERVPRO Approach Restoration After a South Miami Residential or Commercial Blaze?


Upon arrival, experienced SERVPRO project managers reviewed the hazards caused by the fire and the water and extinguishing agents used to knock down the flames. We then secure the property and control the unsafe conditions so smoke and fire damage mitigation and remediation can proceed. Risks include:

  • Slip and fall
  • Electrical shock
  • The possibility of impending structural collapse
  • Toxic fire residues, both on surfaces and airborne 

Emergency Services

Once we control hazardous conditions, SERVPRO technicians begin clearing debris and cleaning smoke and fire damage soiling. Expect some or all of the following interventions:

  • Contaminated water extraction, containment, and lawful disposal
  • Applied structural drying
  • Containment of work areas with 1.6 mil polyethylene and air scrubbing equipment to improve air quality and begin the fire and smoke odor reduction
  • Evaluation of the soot residues throughout the home or business and matching of appropriate cleaning products and methodology to remove the fire soiling
  • Implementation of the plans for fire damage residue cleaning determined above

Contents Fire Damage Response

A residential or commercial fire affects much more than the structural components of your building. Customers often feel significant distress and grief as they contemplate the loss of treasured heirlooms and essential records. 

Specially trained IICRC SERVPRO technicians review the fire damage done to the furnishings, household and business goods, documents, electronics, personal possessions, and more inside your property. We collaborate with you and your insurance company to decide how to respond best to these items' fire damage, malodors, and soiling. SERVPRO has many resources to clean, disinfect, dry, and deodorize a whole house or business's contents. Our ability to return to pre-fire function and the appearance of the many things you feared were ruined beyond repair by water and fire damage is one of the skills SERVPRO is most proud to offer.  

Call SERVPRO of South Miami with confidence for top-quality residential and commercial water and fire damage restoration. Call (305) 269-8900 to schedule prompt assessment and provision of emergency services.

Need Professional Remediation of South Miami Mold Damage?

6/14/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO bus on a street at night Day or night SERVPRO is available to help with mold damage remediation.

SERVPRO Is a South Miami Mold Damage Specialist for Affected Homes and Businesses

Because of the relentless high humidity found in South Miami, mold damage is a constant concern for residents and business owners. Elegant homes and downtown commercial spaces with historical significance grace our community, but these stately buildings frequently battle the scourge brought when endemic mold spores find and absorb moisture. Mold damage can become tricky to manage, but the path to a sustainable solution reveals when property owners partner with a reputable remediation company.

How Can SERVPRO Help Solve Mold Damage Recurrence for South Miami Property Owners?

It is essential to understand that microscopic fungal spores are always in the air and on surfaces. No company can deliver on a promise to eliminate mold damage in South Miami. Instead, SERVPRO invests in training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to certify our crew members as Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT). The workers we send to evaluate your mold damage infestation are well-versed in strategies that safely remove current mold damage and inhibit the mold rebound effect often seen after inadequate interventions.

Why Is Finding and Dealing with Water Damage the Key to Successful Mold Remediation in South Miami?

Unless professionals address the underlying water damage issues and lingering moisture on your premises, mold damage will revisit and continue the deterioration of the organic building materials molds use as nourishment and living environments. SERVPRO technicians are uniquely qualified to see the whole picture of mold damage in your residence or business. We are also highly skilled in water migration tracing and moisture removal, and structural drying. Achieving a desirable mold damage remediation outcome requires the elimination of the water leaks, seepage, or high humidity levels, causing the spores to germinate and multiply. SERVPRO can offer this foundational service to support mold damage remediation efforts.

What Steps Does SERVPRO Take to Remediate Mold Damage After Management of Lingering Moisture?

Rather than using watery, diluted bleach solutions or relying solely on the broadcast application of antimicrobials, SERVPRO follows the remediation protocols of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This multi-step process restores your property to a condition without active colonies and then uses preventative measures to inhibit further growth of spores.  

  • Wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) by technicians for their safety and avoiding tracking of spores or debris into unaffected spaces 
  • Location of active colonies, including in building cavities, using sensitive testing devices if needed
  • Containment of the remediation work area, wrapping with heavy-duty polypropylene barriers while employing negative pressure air scrubbing equipment to prevent debris drift and exhaust the contaminated atmosphere through HEPA filters
  • Removal of mold damage mechanically, using brushes, scrapers, and, for porous materials, gentle abrasion with soda, dry ice, and corn to incapacitate deeply embedded hyphae (root-like mold growth) 
  • Wipe down and vacuuming of mold damage debris 
  • Application of EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit the regrowth of mold

Find reliable help for mold removal and prevention of future growth from SERVPRO of South Miami. Call (305) 269-8900 to consult our experts and arrange an on-site evaluation.

Recovering From Fire Damage in Your Key Biscayne Property

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

Sreen view of SERVPRO ERP app Protect Your Key Biscayne Property with SERVPRO's Emergency READY Profile

SERVPRO Offers the ERP-The Mobile App to Help Prevent and Mitigate Damage by Fire and Water

Home fires can be an incredibly traumatic experience. It can ruin your home and disrupt your life. Having your household memories and treasured belongings destroyed in a fire causes mental and financial stress, to say the least.

Homes experience fire damage in Key Biscayne far more often than you think. After examining fires in the area, the root causes fall into three categories cooking, heating, or neglect. Regardless of how the fire in your home began, it helps to have a quality restoration company on your side. 

At SERVPRO, we promote preparation as a critical factor for preventing damage in your home due to fire. Thinking that your home is immune only increases losses when a disaster occurs. You should take a few moments to obtain our Ready Plan Mobile App; you can download it directly to your PC and your iPhone or Android smartphone. 

SERVPRO’s Ready Plan allows you to plan, contact our local franchise, and share information about your property that helps us respond with the correct amount of personnel and equipment to serve you during an emergency. 

Having a relationship with your local restoration company helps protect your property. If we have directions and know what it looks like, we can respond quicker and reduce the losses you suffer. 

The app also assists homeowners with accounting for household possessions before catastrophe strikes. With SERVPRO’s Ready Plan, you can add images and maintain visual records concerning areas of your home prone to fire. Search for the ERP--Emergency READY Profile app.

Creating a damage log allows you to communicate your issue more efficiently and document the problem for insurance purposes while giving you direct access to the services you need to get back on your feet as soon as possible. 

Your insurance company favors you for using a quality restoration company that can provide you with a full-service solution, and SERVPRO works hard to meet or exceed any expectations you may have. We provide customers with solutions unique to your situation, providing fire, smoke, and water restoration services and any cleaning, deodorization, and repair methods necessary to get the job done right. 

Make the decision to restore your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact SERVPRO of South Miami today for access to the services you deserve. (305) 269-8900

Overcoming Tropical Storm Water Damage in Miami Is Easier with Professionals

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

heavy rain hitting roof Storm damage is a year round threat. Our team has the equipment and training to restore your home.

Trust SERVPRO for Miami Tropical Storm Water Damage Mitigation

Many assume that the storm and hurricane season passes by with little impact on their lives, but those who have undergone the experience can attest to the massive damage a tropical storm leaves behind. Repairing your property after such a disaster might be stressful and costly if you do not get qualified service providers to do it for you.

To avoid the stresses of tropical stormwater damage in your Miami home, call SERVPRO. We have a team of professionals trained in restoring homes after a storm. We are equipped with sophisticated equipment and ready to restore your residence. We can handle all types of damage linked with tropical storms like wind and flood damage. Our restoration process follows the following phases:

  • Emergency response involves the inspection and assessment of the job site
  • Demolition, extraction of water, and drying, followed by daily inspections to check the progress of the job
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Deodorization
  • Replacement of ruined materials

Our SERVPRO technicians can use non-penetrative moisture meters to locate moisture. We can extract water from your house using self-priming trash pumps. We often use these pumps when a minimal lift is required or when we need to transfer water horizontally. For instance, self-priming trash pumps are suitable for extracting water from single-story structures after a hurricane. 

Our SERVPRO team can also use air moving and dehumidifying devices to remove all moisture from your property to prevent mold infestation. Our knowledge of construction and drying enables us to make beneficial choices for our customers. We can also remove the affected drywall, flooring, and insulation and clean your house.

Before allowing customers to move back into the house, SERVPRO performs confirmatory tests to ensure that the home and all the affected items return to their original condition. After we perform a walkthrough, we can request that you sign a Certificate of Satisfaction. 

Preparing for the worst is vital when storms as destructive as hurricanes approach. If storm damage catches you off-guard, contact SERVPRO of South Miami at (305) 269-8900 for repairs. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Water Removal Equipment and Methods In Kendall

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

Outside view of townhomes There are many different ways that water can unexpectedly get inside your Kendall townhome.

Water Removal Equipment and Methods

There are many ways that water can unexpectedly get inside your Kendall townhome. It is a regular occurrence in life that things break. When items like water pipes or certain appliances break or malfunction, water sometimes leaks into the interior of your townhouse.

Once water enters a building, many different types of damage can occur. SERVPRO’s water removal technicians in Kendall have experience dealing with moisture in several scenarios. Moisture needs removing within a 48-hour window, so mold growth does not occur.

When mitigating issues having to do with excessive water, our SERVPRO experts use a variety of methods and equipment. All equipment and techniques are IICRC certified and proven to work well in the water restoration industry. We always use different equipment depending on the aspects and severity of the damage situation.

When we first arrive at a water restoration project, we start by testing moisture levels inside the building. We use state-of-the-art detection devices to identify where water has intruded into the structure. We then use the devices to determine whether the home is dry or not; if not, we figure out how wet it is.

Next, we use specialized extraction equipment to pull moisture out of materials and contents inside the home. The extraction equipment consists of an extractor with a high-powered vacuum motor. A vacuum tube then runs to an extraction tool used to pull out the water.

After water gets extracted from the building, we use carpet tools to disengage the carpet and separate seams so that we can pump air underneath it and “float” the carpet. We then use different tools to reinstall the carpet pad and seams after drying is complete. Next, we use drying equipment to return moisture levels to normal conditions.

Air moving equipment causes evaporation to speed up the drying process. We use dehumidifiers to remove water vapor from the air. After drying gets completed, we use deodorization equipment to apply professional products and treat foul odors.

During the project, our technicians also use personal protective equipment. For professional assistance with removing moisture, call SERVPRO of South Miami at (305) 269-8900 any time of the day.