Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold in Coconut Grove

A conducive condition for mold growth can happen when the exhaust flex tube from a dryer is not properly directed vented through the roof. A Coconut Grove attic... READ MORE

Mold Damage to a Coconut Grove Garage/House

The moisture boosted a substantial mold infestation in this wall of the garage opposite the kitchen in this Coconut Grove property. Using air scrubbers with HEP... READ MORE

Black Mold is No Match for SERVPRO in South Miami

One aspect that should get taken into account during mold remediation in South Miami properties is the envelope around the property. SERVPRO technicians inspect... READ MORE

Mold Problem in Coral Gables

The drain from the kitchen sink in this Coral Gables condo was leaking, unnoticed, for a considerable length of time. The dark condition within the wall void al... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in a Coconut Grove Kitchen

This photo depicts a patch of mold after the contaminated wall cabinets had already been removed from the walls. The amount of moisture in this exterior wall wa... READ MORE

Mold Damage – South Miami Bathroom Restored

South Miami mold damage was remediated in this bathroom. SERVPRO of South Miami Professionals understand mold and mold growth and have the training and equipmen... READ MORE