Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

SERVPRO Tackles Flood Restoration in South Miami Home with Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a common sight in South Miami homes and something SERVPRO deals with regularly. This flooring type is inexpensive, easy to install, and loo... READ MORE

South Miami Storm-Ravaged House

Tropical storms ofter damage vacant homes severely because they are not secured against hurricane force winds. Groundwater is contaminated with debris and patho... READ MORE

More Miami Storm and Water Damage

Even though most of the flooring has non-porous coverings like this tile, the drywall based walls and steel studs were susceptible to water and storm damage. Ex... READ MORE

Storm Damage to a Gymnasium Floor in Miami

The standing water and debris remained on the hardwood gymnasium floor long enough for seepage to occur. The water penetrated the varnished finish of the planks... READ MORE

Storm Damage – South Miami

Storm damage tore large sections of roofing from this South Miami office building which produced severe flooding on the uppermost floor. SERVPRO was first calle... READ MORE

South Miami Condo Suffers Storm Damage

Flood waters entered through a lower level entry door while the owners were out of the condo in this South Miami photo. The moisture absorbed into the fibers of... READ MORE

Storm Damage in South Miami

Recent tropical storms have spilled an overabundance of rainwater in South Florida. The entrance to this church was compromised by water intrusion, and the main... READ MORE